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Sarah Ritter, Baltimore Police Department

Sarah's Fellowship:

As the Department of Justice Compliance Unit Associate, Sarah oversees the implementation of several reform initiatives related to the DOJ pattern of practices investigation. Additionally, Sarah assists the Police Department in determining how to best infuse social justice and procedural justice concepts into reformed polices and programs.


Sarah grew up in Baltimore and moved to California for college. Over the last five years she has worked on community investment and development in San Francisco -most recently with the Mayor's Invest in Neighborhoods Initiative and previously at Pacific Community Ventures, a CDFI. Sarah also graduated in 2016 from UC Berkeley, earning a Master's degree in City Planning. 

Sarah is driven by improving approaches to how we develop healthier and stronger cities for everyone. In particular she is interested in starting at the neighborhood level to identify resources across sectors that will enable each unique community to thrive.

Why do you choose to live and work in Baltimore?  

I believe the next evolution of Baltimore has the potential to chart a new path forward for the development of cities everywhere. As we acknowledge historic injustices and racist policies through process like the DOJ investigation, there is a huge opportunity to do better. Over the next several decades I hope to look back and know that I helped to make my hometown a place that everyone can be proud of.

What's one surprising fact about yourself?  

I'm terrified of birds

Go-to snack? 

Chips and Guac