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Ashley Black, Baltimore's Promise

Ashley's Fellowship:

Ashley is Communications and Community Engagement Specialist for Baltimore's Promise, a city-wide collaborative that serves as a catalyst for organizing efforts and resources around the vision that all Baltimore City youth will travel a safe, healthy, and successful educational path from cradle to career. In this role, Ashley's ultimate goals are to: (1) amplify community voice in ALL of our work and (2) more widely and consistently share all of the great work Baltimore's Promise and it's 250+ collaborators from the public, business, higher education, nonprofit, and philanthropic fields have been doing. Subscribe to their newsletter here:


Ashley is originally from Cleveland, Ohio and came to Baltimore in 2015, by way of NYC. She graduated with her B.S. from Cornell University in 2014.

Before Baltimore Corps, she had a brief internship with BBMR and was a TA for SOC 101 at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County where she is finishing up her MA in Applied Sociology. She also worked with Higher Achievement's After School Academy at Lakeland Elem/Mid School, where she continues to volunteer. 

You can find Ashley crafting and researching ways to further support Black women and girls; sarcastically live-tweeting most events/tv shows; scouring the shelves of HomeGoods; and talking to God in public...while drafting a response to your text message in only emojis...then forgetting to send it.

Why do you choose to live and work in Baltimore?  

I could go on and on about how Baltimore is rich in history and culture, how it's VERY similar to Cleveland (except warmer), about the city's activism and people. But in short, I live and work here because Baltimore feels like home.

What's one surprising fact about yourself?  

I studied abroad in Italy for a semester... and lost weight. #magic

Go-to snack? 

Edamame. Yum.😋