MISSION: To enlist talent to accelerate social innovation in Baltimore and advance a citywide agenda for equity and racial justice.

VISION: Baltimore Corps envisions a city empowered to develop, retain, and connect its leaders to achieve an equitable future for all of its residents. 


Baltimore Corps was founded in 2013 with a simple premise in mind: We need better ways for the most talented people to go to work solving the world's most important challenges.

Why focus on talent? On the surface, we recognized the well-documented struggles of social sector leaders to recruit and retain the contributors they need to scale the most effective solutions. We also appreciate the tremendous opportunity represented by the coming of age of Millennialsthe largest, most diverse and, perhaps, most purpose-driven generational cohort in history. Ultimately, though, we invest in talent because we continue to be moved by a simple but fundamental observation: 

Our greatest and most persistent challenges have been caused by peoplethey can and will be solved by people. 

Baltimore Corps is a network powered by an organization. We believe that networks are best positioned to drive change because complex challenges require convening diffuse sets of actors to activate the widest reaching solutions. 

Baltimore Corps builds robust, equitable pipelines to enlist talent in advancing Baltimore’s most promising social innovations.