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Ebonee Nelson, Strong City Baltimore

Ebonee's Fellowship:

Ebonee is the Partnerships Coordinator for Strong City Baltimore. Ebonee will serve as a primary point of direct administrative contact and liaison with other internal and external organizations and individuals on a range of specified issues; organizes and facilitates meetings, conferences, and other special events, as required; maintains rapport with partners, managers, and employees.


Ebonee Nelson, 25 is born and raised in Hartford, Connecticut. Her family moved to Baltimore, Maryland when she was just 16 years old. A graduate of Newtown High School, she immediately put her volunteering skills to work in the Sandtown/Winchester community by mentoring young girls at Coppin State University aftercare programs. From there, she transitioned to serve the Upper Park Heights community where she assisted young women in earning their GED and Computer Literacy certification training for five years. Workforce development has always been her passion. Ebonee Nelson now serves as the Director of Programming for Black Girls Vote, Inc. where she is responsible for the operational success of the organization. As the CEO & President of her own technology firm the Lozen Group, she works with the Executive team members, Communication and IT staff to implement digital marketing activities to increase awareness of BGV’s initiatives and campaigns. Ebonee brings her talent, time and expertise to Black Girls Vote to provide leadership and program operational management, with a special focus on the critical need of technology integration and automation. She is an external face of BGV in the community and works diligently to cultivate existing and new relationships to ensure the organization has sufficient resources and access to services. Ebonee is a recognized millennial leader and future fellow in the community who has worked in the nonprofit sector for 5 years, focused on program and operational management in the workforce development segment. Ebonee is currently pursuing her bachelor’s degree in IT management at the University of Baltimore and continues to build upon her existing portfolio of technical certifications. She is the proud mother of her beautiful 14-month of daughter; Ryleigh Nicole who she says is her biggest reason why. Ebonee stated “It is important as a millennial woman of color that other millennials’ not only see me working towards the achievement of BGV’s mission and vision, however to hear my voice on the importance of voting.” They must understand the history that allows us the right to vote and how voting impacts our children, families, economics, healthcare and educational options.” “As the next leaders of not just our communities however the world, we must understand our vote is our voice and together and in unity women of color are a powerful voting bloc.

Why do you choose to live and work in Baltimore?  

I choose to live in and work in Baltimore because this city is filled with so much potential. Baltimore is leading in high crime rates, high poverty rates, and our youth needs our guidance. With so much talent and ideas, we have to inspire our youth to be great and I am willing to dedicate my time to ensure that Baltimore is a better city.

What's one surprising fact about yourself?  

I am very outgoing and sociable.

Go-to snack?