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Megan Wiessner, Mayor's Office of Employment Development

Megan's Fellowship:

Meg is the Workforce Analyst at the Mayor's Office of Employment Development, where she provides research and support for MOED's many programs. She helps to facilitate the identification of priority industries and effective workforce training programs, and works to effectively communicate these to different groups and stakeholders. She also coordinates the Regional Skills Training Center in West Baltimore, and provides support for the Baltimore Workforce Investment Board.


Meg grew up in Loch Raven Village and still calls Baltimore home, though she has lived, studied, and traveled around the world. As an undergraduate she studied environmental history and art, followed by several years working in community arts and environmental education. Prior to joining Baltimore Corps, she completed an MSc in Human Geography and Environmental Policy, researching innovations in textile design and manufacturing, and spent six months translating that research into creative projects outside academia. She remains a practicing artist and writer.

Why do you choose to live and work in Baltimore?  

I've had some incredible opportunities and learned much from my time spent in other places, but Baltimore remains home, the center of my orbit, the place towards which I feel an enormous sense of gratitude and obligation. There is a need for sustainable and equitable economic development across the world, but for me, it feels more urgent and appropriate to help work for that here. I've been able to take some of this city with me and share it with others, so it seems fitting to bring back some of what I've learned to the place that's given me so much perspective. I also know what a vibrant, idiosyncratic creative community Baltimore has; it isn't the easiest place to live, but people here balance that reality with playfulness and passion.

What's one surprising fact about yourself?  

I don't always have much space to grow things, and don't pretend to be good at it, but I love growing odd edible, medicinal, and otherwise useful plants- huckleberries, borage, tulsi, woad...

Go-to snack? 

Coffee + cookies/ tea + biscuits. I generally try to eat healthily and responsibly, but I have a pretty unforgivable relationship with caffeine and sugar.