Elevation Award Recipient, Art Power

The goal of Art Power is to provide a safe haven for children to create, share and sell art they develop, while learning basic business skills that will empower them to think of themselves as influencers. Too often, it is assumed that artists of color are "starving” and are often asked to discount their creative expression or make it "affordable". This project will provide children with simple art supplies, instruction, and opportunities to produce their best work for sale and distribution in their community. By being encouraged to create several works of art and refine one for reproduction and for sale, kids will understand their value as consumers and developers. During their artful journey, local artists and business owners will give them tips of the trade to refine their processes and develop the format of their saleable creation (e.g. t-shirt, poster, canvas, magnet, etc.) Children will host a Meet the ARTISTS museum & "shop" experience where they are "featured artists" who display, discuss and sell their wares.

Wendy Camilla Blackwell,   Founder of Art Power

Wendy Camilla Blackwell, Founder of Art Power