How does the portal process work?

  • You and a select number of VCL candidates have been chosen for priority round to have earlier access to our pool of Fellows.
  • Once admitted to our online portal, you will have access to the current list of our top Fellow candidates. From there, you are able to read through their profiles and job descriptions, and mark which Fellow candidate you would be interested in interviewing.
  • On their end, Fellows will look through your profiles and mark their interest for interviews. The Baltimore Corps staff will send each VCL a curated list of suggested applicants, based on our reviews of your applications.
  • After you have selected Fellows you are interested in, and once Fellows have selected candidates they are interested in, VCL’s will be able to schedule an interview.

How does the interview process work?

  • You may interview with a Fellow in several ways: in person (if they are local), over the phone, or over Skype.
  • After you have interviewed with our Fellow applicants, you will offer us feedback on the interview, and eventually rank the Fellow applicants in terms of preference.

How does the matching process work?

  • Much like the medical residency model, our Fellows will note their top choices for a VCL partnership. Any VCL that they list indicates they will agree to work with the VCL, whether first on their list or fourth on their list. Our VCL’s will go through the same process: Any Fellow they rank interest in is a Fellow they are technically committing to.
  • Based on your rankings, your feedback, and our matching algorithm, we will make as many best matches as possible.
  • After this matching process, you will receive an offer letter for your matched Fellow at your placement.

What happens if I do not find a match during this round?

Please note that if you are unable to find a best match in this Round of interviews, we will move you on to our second Round of interviews. Moving into the second Round does not mean you will have less attractive options for the Fellowship--it simply means you will move into the next pool of candidates. We hold an additional round of matching for Fellows who did not apply by the April 15th priority deadline, but expect that round to have a much smaller number of available placements.

How does Baltimore Corps select its Fellow candidates?

Baltimore Corps recruits its candidates from an array of backgrounds, studies, hometowns, and perspectives. We seek to find a wide range of highly skilled individuals who are passionate about the growth of their own leadership, as well as the growth of this city. The individuals in this final pool display a maturity and sense of commitment that we believe embodies the Baltimore Corps mission.

What should I discuss with this Fellow during the interview?

We suggest that you learn as much as possible about the Fellow applicant’s leadership style, work style, long term professional goals, and how you can best support them throughout the Fellowship year. We also encourage you to discuss logistical details, like stipend, benefits, and what a typical workday looks like.

How can I contact the Fellow applicant?

You can access the contact information of the Fellow applicant by looking on the fourth page of their extended profile. There, you will find their full name, email, phone number, and available method of interviewing.

What is my commitment as a Visionary Cause Leader?

As a Baltimore Corps Visionary Cause Leader, you are expected to participate in an orientation prior to the start of your Fellowship, as well as quarterly programming with Baltimore Corps. This includes 360 feedback review meetings with your Fellow and group programming with other Visionary Cause Leaders. These programming commitments are not to exceed more than five hours per quarter. There are additional ways in which VCLs can be involved throughout the Fellowship, and we encourage you to be an active member of our community.

What is the timeline of the Fellowship?

The timeline of the Fellowship is from October 2016-October 2017. Some of our VCL’s request to start their Fellowship early, which is possible, depending on the Fellow’s timeline.