Sarah MacFadden, Humanim

Sarah's Fellowship:

Sarah will be working with Humanim to evaluate the impact and efficacy of various programs--specifically, to translate anecdotal evidence of success in programs that bridge the financial planning gap between parents and children into quantifiable evidence. This will be useful in making any necessary alterations to the operation of the programs, and in expressing the successes of the programs to outside investors, collaborators, and other parties.


Sarah comes to Baltimore Corps after co-founding a smaller-scale program evaluation on PRSM (Preventing and Responding to Sexual Misconduct), an anti-violence program based in Oberlin College. In collaboration with a small team of well-versed students, administrators, and professors, Sarah saw the program through from idea formation to efficacy evaluation. Sarah's team has taken its data to one conference thus far, and is hoping to take its promising results to other conferences in the fall. Sarah looks forward to applying the skills honed from this project to other, larger-scale projects.   

Why do you choose to live and work in Baltimore?  

I am excited by the possibilities. There is so much energy, passion, care and attention happening in Baltimore. I want to soak up all of the information I can-I want to listen, learn, and become a useful aspect of the community.

What's one surprising fact about yourself?  

80% of the times that I eat carrots, I get the hiccups!

Go-to snack? 

French Fries!