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Ronald Stubblefield, South Baltimore Gateway Partnership

Ronald's Fellowship:

Ron manages the day-to-day operations of the South Baltimore Gateway Benefits Improvement District. In this capacity, he conducts policy and needs assessments, prepares budgets, drafts policy memos, manages contracting and procurement, conducts legal research, engages in continual community outreach, builds various databases tracking performance outcomes, coordinates District planning sessions with Baltimore’s Planning Department, regularly meets with various City and State policy makers, and prepares policies and debriefs for the organization’s board. Ron has testified before the City of Baltimore’s Planning Commission, Local Development Council, and Maryland State Senate and Delegate committees on behalf of capital improvement budgets and bond bill proposals.

Through his efforts, Ron has worked with SBGP to create a multi-agency committee to develop more equitable programming in parks and public spaces throughout the district, while developing a four-year Enhanced Services investment strategy to deploy $6M+ of SBGP funding into these spaces.