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The Fellowship Program Manager will work closely with a dynamic programs team across the following key priority areas: coaching Fellows around their career and professional development; investing in leadership development; and building and strengthening the equity and racial justice focus of Baltimore Corps Fellows and Visionary Cause Leaders (employer partners).

5 things we learned from social entrepreneurs in New York

As part of its commitment to equity in leadership, Baltimore Corps provides $10,000 in seed funding and additional support to community leaders with community solutions through its Elevation Awards. Too often, these leaders do not have access to the funding and supports necessary to incubate early-stage ideas.

Read Elevation Awards' Coach Mischa Toland's account of lessons learned in trading ideas with innovators in the Big Apple:

Want to change the world? Consider Baltimore…

"Those of us at Baltimore Corps know Baltimore is 'the best place in the world to change the world.' ...

"Baltimore is ripe for social innovation and has the potential to emerge as a city at the forefront of dismantling systems of oppression. We understand that this will not happen without a clear focus on the principles that lead to enduring change: by empowering those closest to the problems facing our communities, shifting how we deploy resources, and remembering that positive impact requires collaboration at all levels, we are well on our way to making this a reality. In 20 years, we envision a city that disrupts the intergenerational cycle of poverty and inequity that has locked out entire communities from opportunity for generations. We invite you to be part of this history-in-the-making."

Read President & CEO Fagan Harris' latest piece on The Rhodes Trust blog...