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Baltimore kicks off its Census 2020 at Baltimore Polytechnic Institute

Baltimore kicks off its Census 2020 at Baltimore Polytechnic Institute

The most important message we took away from the evening was that all people can and should step up and lead on the Census in their  communities--and that the Census is anything but boring. We now know that for every person who isn’t counted we lose $1,800 every year for services that our city needs. Services like Medicaid and Medicare, SNAP, school lunches, community block grants--programs whose funding depends on population.

Local Color Interview with Fagan Harris

Local Color Interview with Fagan Harris

“…this is Local Color and you’re here for great interviews with Baltimore’s premier thought leaders! Fagan Harris is one such thought leader. As CEO of Baltimore Corps he’s working to provide Baltimoreans opportunities and access to jobs, job training, and other programs that help small business owners. Listen as we discuss hard lessons, respoinding to community feedback, and Fagan remains calm amidst one of my worst fears.”

Want to change the world? Consider Baltimore…

"Those of us at Baltimore Corps know Baltimore is 'the best place in the world to change the world.' ...

"Baltimore is ripe for social innovation and has the potential to emerge as a city at the forefront of dismantling systems of oppression. We understand that this will not happen without a clear focus on the principles that lead to enduring change: by empowering those closest to the problems facing our communities, shifting how we deploy resources, and remembering that positive impact requires collaboration at all levels, we are well on our way to making this a reality. In 20 years, we envision a city that disrupts the intergenerational cycle of poverty and inequity that has locked out entire communities from opportunity for generations. We invite you to be part of this history-in-the-making."

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Millennial Voices Profile of President and CEO Fagan Harris

Fagan is the President and CEO of Baltimore Corps, an organization that enlists talent to advance social innovation in Baltimore and establish a citywide agenda for equity and racial justice. Fagan’s firm sense of place in Baltimore came as a result of his parents moving to the area after facing hostility as an interracial couple in the South. Set on addressing the uprootedness and racial injustice he’d experienced, Fagan’s story below gives insight into how he operates Baltimore Corps and his drive for doing so.

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