The Front Lines of Social Innovation: Models for Change from Baltimore City

In partnership with the White House and Aspen Institute, Baltimore Corps convened local change makers and national leaders for an evening of conversation at the White House. Featuring remarks from Cecilia Muñoz, Assistant to the President and Director of the Domestic Policy Council, and presentations by some of Baltimore's most promising innovators, watch the video of event:

The Front Lines of Innovation: Models for Change from Baltimore City

Or read this recap on the White House Blog by Broderick Johnson (Assistant to the President, Cabinet Secretary, and Chair of the My Brother’s Keeper Task Force) and Walter Isaacson (President and CEO of the Aspen Institute):

Baltimore's New Generation of Social Innovators

The 'Cure' to Ending Violence in Baltimore

"In essence, violence has been fundamentally misdiagnosed and therefore the response across all sectors has not been sufficient to heal communities." -- Matan Zeimer

In this featured post on the The Aspen Institute Idea Blog, Matan examines how health-informed approaches are yielding some of the most effective strategies in curbing violence.

Empowering the Leaders Baltimore Needs

"Especially in the current climate, even those who don’t personally share the daily struggles of many Baltimoreans are realizing that the health of a city is contingent on the prosperity of all its citizens."

Baltimore Corps' Fagan Harris and Kevin Easterly highlight the work of Rodney Foxworth and the importance of Baltimore's community entrepreneurs for the Aspen Journal of Ideas:

Empowering the Leaders Baltimore Needs