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Baltimore Corps celebrates new Fellowship Agreement with Baltimore City


About the Baltimore City Government Fellowship Program: The City of Baltimore has a well-established need for a Government Fellows program. Over the past 5 years the City has partnered with various organizations to execute broad fellowship programs spanning multiple agencies, programs and services.


Annually, Baltimore Corps administers a Government Fellowship and in 2019 administered the Baltimore City Mayoral Fellowship for public policy and government service fellows to address the needs of various departments including but not limited to: General Services, Health, Police, Budget Management & Research, Public Works, Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice, Mayor’s Office of Human Services, and the Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs. The Baltimore Corps Fellowship starts in September of each year and places roughly 20 fellows annually throughout city government. Because the application process is decentralized, there is confusion, delay, administrative burdens, and multiple agencies sending duplicate Board of Estimates items for fellows individually.

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This agreement also provides administrative benefits as it centralizes, streamlines and standardizes the process for all city agencies requesting government fellows. It streamlines the process for agencies requesting government fellows, reducing paper processes, variance and redundancy associated with engaging government fellows. Another benefit is that it presents a low administrative burden and fast method to recruit and attract talent and increases the city’s chances against better resourced private entities, startups and larger institutions seeking similar talent profiles.

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The Fellowship Program Manager will work closely with a dynamic programs team across the following key priority areas: coaching Fellows around their career and professional development; investing in leadership development; and building and strengthening the equity and racial justice focus of Baltimore Corps Fellows and Visionary Cause Leaders (employer partners).

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