Movement as medicine Pt 1: Therapy in an Unconventional Space

Anthony Watters, Drink More Watters, Elevation Awardee
May 3, 2019 |

Gervontae "Tank" Davis approaches every training session the same way he approaches every fight. With eyes fixated on the target and a patient bounce in his step, he is like a lion ready to pounce on his prey. Whether it’s a punching bag or the face of his opponent, you can feel the velocity in which he throws each punch and with every exhale you experience his energy being transferred through his target like an electric shock. Focused, he knows exactly where he is about to throw all his baggage, trauma, and anger manifested through the circumstances of growing up in Baltimore City. I always wondered what motivates athletes more; ambition, pride, or life experiences so traumatic, they that make you question if life is even worth living? Is it just a love for boxing? Or is boxing a coping mechanism? Has Tank found the cure for stress, trauma, anger, and anxiety? Has he found therapy in an unconventional space?

Movement happens when energy is released, absorbed, and re-released through the musculo-skeletal system to perform a task.

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