Help Kiva Borrower DJ5Starr Enterprise LLC construct, furnish and equipment an educational studio in a Baltimore school.

DJ5Starr Enterprise LLC

Goal: 8,000

Business Description

I started 5Starr Enterprise when I realized United States was 27th in the world in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. I also found that as professional DJ I had a center of influence that allowed me to hold the attentions of young scholars in the k-20. I found a way to combine my electrical engineering degree, with me being a professional DJ. Hired some educators to help with the curriculum and starting impacting the lifes of our young people. The biggest challenge is proving our hypothesis. Our hypotheses is that if we increase your creative thinking ( mixing DJin and STEM), it would increase your academic performance, attendance rates and maybe even graduation rates.

We have created another avenue for artist such as Djs, Musicians, Music Engineers, and Per in the Educational space. We have scaled up where we have ten STEM DJS and we all do after school programs, summer programs, educatinment workshops, exhibits for STEM fairs and as an educational resource during the school day

What I am most proud of are the testimonies that we have received from all ages about the impact our educational services. We have been told we put the "WOW" in STEM, we have been told that because of our workshop, he wanted to pursue a PHD.

We have strategic partnerships and currently independent contractors for our business model. We believe team work makes the dream Work and each of us needs all of us.

What is the purpose of this loan?

5Starr Enterprise is a company that provides STREAM Integration as a educational resource. We have been operating since 2010. STREAM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Reading Engineering Arts and Mathematics. In short, we expose the S.T.R.E.M. in the Arts. We are having some growth pains. With growth comes brand awareness and opportunities. Our new contracts with educational institutions and school districts pay out 60 - 90 days, even sometimes longer. One of our contracts, to design and build a studio for our scholars at a charter school here in Baltimore. Even though we have a purchase order for the studio, we can only invoice after the studio is complete. The Kiva Loan would be for the building of our Educational Studio in a charter school in Baltimore, so that our cash on hand can be used to float payroll to our other educational contractors.