Help Kiva Borrower Cherinna Hardeman

Cherinna Hardeman

GOAL: $8,000.00

Business Description

Tri-Hearts (counseling, education, and fitness) is a female minority own business that provides mental health, academic enrichment, and swimming instructional services to Baltimore City Youth. I am a special educator and mental health therapist in Baltimore City, I notice the challenges and traumatic experiences that many children face in the community. I decided to launch Tri-Hearts to help the youth grow mentally, physically, and emotionally. My program is founded on building each youth one day at a time by providing each child with a safe environment and loving support. In order to meet the needs of all children, I am seeking funding to hire employees, purchase academic materials, and set up fundraising events.

What is the purpose of this loan?

I started Tri-hearts in March 2019 to address the mental health, educational, and fitness needs of children in underprivileged communities. I am looking to expand, and a Kiva loan will help me balance the cost hiring effective staff $8000 (teachers, mentors), purchasing educational material $1000 (Spire reading intervention/Do the Math intervention), and payment for 12 -week swimming program (partnership) ($1000).