Public Ally Spotlight: Shanika Walters

Shanika Walters supports Baltimore Corps programming by expanding program capacity, particularly for the Fellowship and Elevation Awards programs.


Why did you choose to become a Public Ally?

 I chose to be a Public Ally because I wanted to learn more and work through generational curses that statistically hold Black women from success. I want to be able to help young people discuss tough issues in a healing environment; I understand the importance of that because I grew up as an only child. 


How has being an Ally made your work better? 

Working at Baltimore Corps has been a great opportunity and has helped me learn so much more about my City and the organizations that strive to make it better. Since working at Baltimore Corps, I have been able to connect with so many people and organizations that I didn’t know about before. My most memorable experience so far has been in supporting and attending our panel discussion on the state of education in Baltimore City with John King. It was enlightening for me to listen to students and teachers that want to see a change in our schools for our students. To be apart of our John King Panel Discussion was very enlightening to hear from teachers and students on how they want to see change with our students and school system.

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Why does Baltimore need Public Allies?

I think Baltimore needs more Allies to help build our communities back up in the glory we know it to be. Growing up in Baltimore, I remember when the communities would get together and everyone would clean the neighborhood of trash; there would be block parties that the communities would have to give back to the children. Everyone embraced the beauty of Baltimore. Public Allies provides a space for community voices and leads a way in the right direction. 


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