Baltimore Corps Fellows featured in Teen Vogue

On August 27, 2016-17 Elevation Awardee Brittany Young and Cohort 5 Fellow Nicholas Mitchel were featured in a Teen Vogue article.

“A lot of people wouldn't take the time of the day to do what they did,” Jenae Hall, 18, says of Chris Landrum and Nicholas Mitchel, the duo who helped her and her classmates open a burger shop. “Most of the time, [adults] try to make us do it on our own without a lot of guidance. A lot of us need guidance.”

To volunteer with the students at Mergenthaler Vocational-Technical High School in Baltimore, Landrum and Mitchel, of local organization Noisy Tenants, first had to gain their trust. The students were used to adults coming into their classrooms and making promises they were unable to keep. Students had gotten their hopes up about new computers, textbooks, and other school materials several times before Landrum and Mitchel arrived with the idea of helping them conceive and run their own pop-up restaurant. The teens weren’t used to feeling like their ideas and passions were taken seriously.

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