How does the portal process work?

  • You and a select number of Fellow candidates have been chosen for priority round to have earlier access to our pool of Visionary Cause Leaders.
  • Once admitted to our online portal, you will have access to the current list of top VCL candidates. From there, you are able to read through their profiles and job descriptions, and mark your interest in that position.
  • On their end, VCL’s will look through your profiles and mark their interest in interviewing with you. The Baltimore Corps staff will send each VCL a curated list of suggested applicants, based on our reviews of the applications.
  • After our VCL’s have looked through the candidates they are interested in, they will reach out to you to schedule an interview. Note that you may not receive an interview with every VCL that interests you, however, your marking interest helps us better facilitate connecting you to strong interviews.

How does the interview process work?

  • You may interview with a VCL in several ways: in person (if you are local), over the phone, or over Skype. VCL’s are not expecting in-person interviews--if you are out of state, a phone or Skype interview will absolutely suffice.
  • After you have interviewed with our VCL’s, you will offer us feedback on the interview, and note your interest in working with them.

How does the matching process work?

  • Much like the medical residency model, our Fellows will note their top choices for a VCL to be partnered with. Any VCL that they list indicates that they will agree to work with them, whether first on their list or fourth on their list. Our VCL’s will go through the same process: Any Fellow they rank interest in is a Fellow they are technically committing to.
  • From their indicators, your feedback, and our reviews of the applications, we will make as many best matches as possible.
  • After this process, you will receive an offer letter for your matched placement within the Baltimore Corps Fellowship.

What happens if I do not find a match during this round?

Please note if you are unable to find a best match in the priority Round of interviews, we will move you to our second round of interviews. Moving into the second Round does not mean you will have less attractive options for the Fellowship, it simply means you will move into the next pool of candidates.

How does Baltimore Corps select its VCL candidates?

Baltimore Corps works to find our city’s most visionary leaders by connecting them to highly talented individuals (that’s you!) We purposefully work across sectors and focus areas to support the vision of our leaders. We are looking to partner with VCLs that support our mission and vision, and are seeking to support our Fellows’ professional growth as well.

What should I discuss with the VCL during an interview?

In your interview, we encourage you to learn as much as possible about the position, the work environment, the leadership style of the VCL, the proposed stipend and benefits they will offer, and any other lingering questions you may have. This is your chance to get as much information as you can about what your year-long experience will look like. Although it is not ideal to talk about stipend in an interview, this is important as you will want to be fully-informed to rank VCLs after the interview period ends. VCLs have also been told to have this conversation with you.

What is my commitment as a Baltimore Corps Fellow?

Baltimore Corps Fellows are expected to participate in all aspects of quarterly programming that are required for the Fellowship. This includes, but is not limited to, racial equity trainings, community dinners, community engagement and/or volunteering, and a final capstone project based on their work in Baltimore City. Baltimore Corps offers a wide range of resources and opportunities that Fellows can take advantage of during and beyond their Fellowship. We strongly encourage you to take initiative in shaping the Fellowship experience for your cohort of peers by creating or joining a committee, leading a Fellow forum, or suggesting other ways the cohort can develop and thrive in the city.

What is the timeline of the Fellowship?

The timeline of the Fellowship is from October 2016-October 2017. Some of our placements are able to start up to three months early if possible for the Fellow.