"A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus." 
- Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.                  

Around the world and here at home, we see reasons everywhere to hope for a better future: freedoms being won, diseases being eradicated, children building lives their parents could only imagine. We also know that none of this progress happens automatically. It's only through the hard work, persistence and sacrifice of people - often in the face of daunting obstacles and caustic cynicism - that we find our feet on the path forward. To make the changes we all want to see in Baltimore, we need to do all we can to empower our ordinary people to be as highly effective as possible in order to produce extraordinary work.

A major opportunity of our time is the fact that the overwhelming proportion of nonprofit organizations and government agencies - anchor organizations with incredible potential to transform lives - report a chronic inability to recruit talent into their organizations. Our potential as a sector, and as a city, depends on our ability to enlist the talent to solve our hardest problems.

Today, we want to share some of the extraordinary work that happens behind the scenes to ensure effective recruitment and investment within this city.


Fagan Harris

Baltimore Corps takes a broad approach to building the talent pipeline for Baltimore’s social impact sector. Our recruitment strategy reflects our belief that talent takes many shapes and forms. We aim to discover talented individuals and leverage their diverse strengths and experiences by deploying them to high-impact roles that align with their skills and expertise. Click here to read more about how we recruit, match, and deploy talent here.
Baltimore Corps’ is dedicated to developing individuals as professionals, leaders and champions of Baltimore. We invest in our staff’s development by providing access to trainings, conferences, and experiences designed to encourage innovation and effectiveness. We provide our Fellows with a professional development stipend, values based programming, and space for self-led opportunities to explore innovative approaches to tackling social issues. Click here to hear to read more about how we use our Faculty Model to develop our staff and network members.
For this last Fellowship cycle Baltimore Corps received 551 applications and was able to convert 7% to placements; for our most recent staff openings we received 353 applications for 4 openings and for our Elevation Awards launch, we received roughly 150 applications and were able to award 8 individuals.  This has been a humbling experience and has led us to the conclusion that we must do more to convert talent looking for the opportunity to serve our City. To learn more about how we are developing our systems to better serve the talent and opportunity in our City please click here.
We continue to challenge ourselves and our partners to think differently about how we deploy resources to address social issues in Baltimore.  Our Elevation Awards program is one of those ways in which we are seeking new ways to empower individuals closest to some of these issues to think of and develop innovative solutions. Along with the seed grant, we provide tailored coaching and technical support necessary to build upon these innovative ideas. Read more about our Elevation Awards grantees here.
The Baltimore Corps Fellowship application for 2017-2018 will open on March 15th!
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