Can I pair Kiva with other forms of financing?

Yes! Kiva is a great addition to any capital stack.

Why would someone lend to me on Kiva?

Each lender on Kiva lends for their own reason. Many believe that small, locally owned businesses benefit their communities. Also, because it’s a loan, lenders are repaid enabling them re-lend and multiply their impact.

Can nonprofits apply for Kiva?

Yes, nonprofits are eligible for Kiva loans as long as there is a revenue stream, like coffee sales, a thrift shop, etc.

What is a Trustee?

A Trustee is a community member with business experience who provides support and vouches publicly for an entrepreneur on the Kiva site.Entrepreneurs who work with Trustees benefit not only from the support and experience brought to bear, but also qualify for larger loans and have their applications prioritized by the Kiva review team.

What businesses are not eligible for a Kiva loan?

  • Illegal businesses, as designated by Federal and State law

  • Multi-level-marketing

  • Lending institutions

  • Adult entertainment or pornography

  • Lethal weapons

  • Purchasing of stock or other equity investment

  • Contract workers of large corporations (e.g., Lyft, Uber, AirBnB, Doordash)

  • Direct sellers (e.g., Mary Kay, Avon, LulaRoe)

  • Tobacco-based businesses

  • Refinancing credit card debt

  • Loans for personal use

To get a better understanding of the step by step process for borrowers, please visit Kiva’s Kiva Trustee web page and borrower hub

Kaetlyn Bernal, Kiva Associate |