Community Wealth Builders

Baltimore, MD
joined kiva 3 years ago

Strong City’s Community Wealth Building Initiative works closely with small businesses in several Baltimore neighborhoods, and it is only these businesses with which we have extended relationships that we will consider endorsing. While we have yet to set specific criteria for this, we will rely on a process similar to the one we have been employing for our well-established Nonprofit Business Services Program. This program, which currently has about 90 nonprofit clients, enables Baltimore nonprofits to use our nonprofit legal status and leverage our administrative capacity and expertise. As part of the screening process, we ensure applicants can coherently and effectively articulate their vision and plan, and review key documents such as business development plans, fundraising plans, and market analyses. As a Kiva Trustee, we will use the effective screening process established for this program as a base for developing a screening process for this new effort. We also will research the field to identify effective practices employed by other Kiva partners, so we can incorporate them if appropriate.