Elevation Award Recipient, Breaking Bread LLC

Food can change your life and Kimberly, owner of Breaking Bread Restaurant, should know. Located in one of Baltimore’s many food deserts, Breaking Bread’s mission is to build a legacy of providing “Great Food for All Chew-manity.” The restaurant not only provides healthy, delicious meals to Baltimore, it is expanding programming to teach families about the important role food plays in health.

With Elevation Award funding, the restaurant will partner with local farms to show families where food comes from as well as with local schools and organizations such as EMMY and KEYS to teach families about healthy eating and using food as a tool to eliminate common health concerns.

The restaurant will also offer cooking classes, nutritional information and help creating a family recipe book that can be passed down through generations. After all, cooking builds self-esteem, opens up the channels to family communication, creates memories, and forms eating habits that will last a lifetime. Of her initiative, Kim says, “You have to earn the right to the life you live. I owe a lot.”

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Kimberly Ellis,  Founder of Breaking Bread LLC

Kimberly Ellis, Founder of Breaking Bread LLC