Jennifer Schachter, Digital Harbor Foundation

Jennifer's Fellowship:

Jen brings a fine art background from MICA and career experience designing visual displays to the Digital Harbor Foundation - an organization at the frontier of the growing Maker and DIY movement in Baltimore. In her role as Special Projects Manager, she aims to advance the functionality and visual impact within the DHF maker space, as well as their marketing communications and media. Jen will help scale DHF’s vision by making their model accessible to other educators creating their own maker spaces in Baltimore and beyond.


Jen is a New York native who relocated to Baltimore for school. Over the past nine years she has grown to love the city she now calls home. In her spare time, she likes exploring outdoors, running, biking, and building things out of anything and everything she can find.

Why do you choose to live and work in Baltimore?  

I have grown to love Baltimore over the past 9 years. It has a very raw and exciting art and music scene, and a real sense of community. For a major city, I think it's a great quality of life at a very affordable cost!

What's one surprising fact about yourself?  

I may seem small and quiet, so most people wouldn't expect I'm a girl who likes to play with power tools. I can build a killer bonfire, take apart a carburetor, and have more saws than most guys I know :)

Go-to snack? 

Apple slices and natural peanut butter!