At Baltimore Corps, we believe that by empowering today's visionaries alongside tomorrow's generation of leaders, we can do more than build a stronger city. We can make Baltimore the social change capital of America.


Baltimore was once a destination city for those wanting to build better lives. For many years, despite the city's flaws, each generation enjoyed greater prosperity than the last.

By investing in talented people and supporting foundational change, we can reanimate that vision. Baltimore can be a place where opportunity is within reach for everyone.

Baltimore is the Front Line of Social Change in America

This city matters. Not just because it is a tremendous place to live and plant roots. Not just because our children are as talented as children anywhere. Not just because, as in any community, our families deserve access to the opportunities they need to thrive.

Baltimore also matters because the hard questions we seek to answer here are not unique. In a nation that has been defined in recent years by social inequity and declining opportunity, we need cities willing to pioneer new ways forward. And with our formidable assets, rich history, and persistent challenges, Baltimore is the perfect theater to solve our nation’s hardest problems.

Our greatest challenges are man-made. We believe the solutions to those challenges will also be developed through the visions and hard work of people. 

Baltimore Corps' programs exist to promote the success of individuals and communities in Baltimore. Our focus extends to organizations, future leaders, youth and families, but everything begins and ends with creating opportunity for people.


The Baltimore Corps Fellowship

Our flagship program, the Baltimore Corps Fellowship, connects professionals to high-impact roles in nonprofits, social enterprises and government agencies around Baltimore City. We focus on local organizations that have solved daunting challenges on a neighborhood level, but face challenges in maintaining their quality as they bring their models to a city-wide scale. 

Fellowships are one-year commitments, with potential to hire the Fellow full time at the end of the year. Each Fellow gains an immersive work experience, professional development opportunities and extensive individualized support. We incentivize long-term retention by building Fellows’ social capital here in Baltimore.



One thing is certain in Baltimore: change is inevitable. Either our struggles will deepen or we will pioneer new paths forward.

In a nation whose racial and economic demographics will continue to bear an undeniable resemblance to this city, we have the opportunity to shape destiny. The progress we work for in Baltimorethe policies we reform, the models we build, the opportunities we create—will ripple beyond our borders, forging powerful new ways forward for millions.

As the country looks to Baltimore, we look to the future. We know we can make the next 20 years a golden era for Baltimore. It starts with building a movement of leaders with the talent, vision and commitment to do hard things. It starts with you. Will you join us?