Greenmount West Community Association

Nicholas Mitchel (Fellow) and Kisha Webster (President, Greenmount West Community Association)

Nicholas Mitchel (Fellow) and Kisha Webster (President, Greenmount West Community Association)

Greenmount West is a community that has seen both great joys and great pains. The community association has long been doing great work, so here at the community center, we’re committed to building on that strong foundation.

We’ve been “stone soupin’” this, and were so glad to be able to bring on Nicholas as a Fellow, since he was already doing the work. He, and many other members of the community, helped us clear out and fix up our current space, using relationships to garner donations from Home Depot and the like. From once serving 3 youth, through our community’s commitment to young people and families, we were able to conduct an 8-week summer program and now provide direct programming for some 25-30 youth every day.

We work with youth and families to engage positively in the community, avoiding involvement with law enforcement and the judicial system. Nick’s work is around creating innovative opportunities for youth in Greenmount West to thrive socially and economically. He is really engaging our teenagers to develop speaking and entrepreneurial skills, and developing relationships with MerVo (Mergenthaler Vocational Technical High School) and other area schools.

Through the development of entrepreneurial skills, young people are able to put customer service and marketing skills to work immediately, finding ways to earn money in the most positive and productive ways to help out at home. Partnerships with VoTech schools like MerVo mean young people aren’t just playing with computers, but learning how to use them as a vehicle for the personal and business success.

I want this space to be a catalyst for the best of our community. Our community members are excited to bring to the space what they’re great at, and that rubs off on the youth, making the space one of mutually teaching and learning. You definitely realize the impact the community center is having when you let the youth know it’s time to go, and they’re mad!

So, what are you great at? How do you fit into this puzzle of greatness? Join us at Greenmount West, and realize your impact: