APRIL 12, 2019

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There is no typical Baltimore Corps Fellow; we recruit a highly diverse pool of candidates.

Our Fellows are artists, analysts, community organizers, and more. Fellows bring experience in communications, development, project management, community engagement, and more. While we populate our candidate pool with applicants possessing a wide breadth of backgrounds and skills, we also organize around culture and fit.


Annie Weber
Community School Coordinator,
Guilford Elementary / Middle School

Annie’s Fellowship: 

Annie leverages and coordinates services, programs, and volunteers to support children and families at Guilford Elementary/Middle School and improve and strengthen the school, overall. She spearheads family and community involvement in the school by organizing and recruiting parent, guardian, neighbor, and partner involvement in the School Family Council and the Baltimore Education Coalition.

Baltimore City Public School students are scientists, artists, business owners, leaders, and much more.

Learn more about Guilford Elementary Middle School.

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Ezekiel Kelley
Relationship Manager,

Ezekiel’s Fellowship:

Ezekiel leads FutureMakers’ efforts to sustain and expand school-based and out-of-school time program partnerships.

FutureMakers provides young innovators and educators the highest quality coaches, tools, and materials that challenge them to design, build, reflect and grow as makers.

why baltimore?

Baltimore is a tough, gritty, and resilient city. By every historical standard, Baltimoreans have withstood adversities rooted in systemic oppression. We continue to work toward a safer and healthier Baltimore every day, leaning into challenges of disinvestment, gentrification, population loss, addiction, educational and racial inequity, and more.

Baltimore Corps is committed to developing and retaining diverse leaders who refuse to see potential wasted within Baltimore’s borders. Join this network of leaders working to make Baltimore the best place in the world to change the world.