Mera Kitchen Collective

Baltimore's first and only culinary incubator owned and operated by refugee and immigrant women, the Mera Kitchen Collective came together over a shared passion for food and a conviction that, by building an enterprise together, we can create an environment in which empowerment and community thrive.

We love Baltimore. Our goal as a collective is to amplify the skills and passion of our newest neighbors. The women we work with arrive with extraordinary culinary talents cultivated from years of cooking experience in their home countries. They are eager to make new lives for themselves and their families, but structural barriers can keep these women isolated not only from one another, but also from consumers and innovative institutions. We want to connect our customers with our chefs, and our chefs with their local communities.

The Mera Kitchen Collective is distinct from other food enterprises in Baltimore, thanks to our focus on women and democratic participation in a worker-owned cooperative. By putting individuals and inclusion first, Mera harnesses and incubates culinary experiences that have the power to connect communities and transform lives. 

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Liliane Makole, Mera Kitchen Collective