Elevation Award Recipient, Six Point Pictures

JaMar is a father, filmmaker, teacher and West Baltimore native who began producing films as means to contextualize his environment.

After establishing his company Six Point Pictures, he began the necessary process of recruiting and training video production enthusiasts from a pool of his Morgan State University fellow alum to assist with various projects.

Following two years of curricula development, recruitment and training he realized the vast opportunity gap with access to paid work and continuing education for filmmakers in Baltimore.

What is the sense of making art if we are not leading others with inspiration to think different? Operating in Southwest Baltimore where little to no resources exist for artist, he decide to establish a branch of Baltimore’s burgeoning art scene by providing a workshop series and collaborative workspace for filmmakers of color. 

This workshop series will target non-student filmmakers of color in the city with the purpose of providing hands on training in a conducive environment to foster a culture of collaboration, training, and progressive visual storytelling while developing the next generation of cinematic professionals.

JaMar Jones,   Founder of Six Point Pictures

JaMar Jones, Founder of Six Point Pictures