WATT Kids Financial Literacy Program

With the lack of financial literacy education throughout children's maturation through school it is extremely hard for them to manage daily living expenses when they come of age. In addition to this, most college students have to finance their educations without even understanding debt and how much of it they should incur.

Those who are financially illiterate are less likely to have a checking account, rainy-day emergency fund, retirement plan, or to own stocks. They are also more likely to use payday loans, pay only the minimum amount owed on their credit cards, have high cost mortgages, and have higher debt and delinquency levels.

In an attempt to change the narrative, WATT Kids is developing to work with third graders to begin having the conversation about finances.

Aneka Winstead, WATT Kids Financial Literacy Program

Aneka Winstead, WATT Kids Financial Literacy Program

“If you have parents in poverty that are not managing their money and if they don’t have the knowledge, it will be a repeated cycle. I want to break that cycle with this program.”