Leading Excellence Achieving Purpose (LEAP)

Leading Excellence Achieving Purpose (LEAP) is a one-year program, providing 1,200 hours of training, one-on-one and group mentoring, trips, and community service for 10-15 girls from 4 Baltimore City high schools. LEAP will feature "real-world" scenarios presented by local speakers; role-play; discussion groups; and mentoring, focusing on innovative, restorative, and educational methods for engaging young women around its five comprehensive goals:

  1. Provide diverse cultural exposure and life skills;
  2. Improve decision making in critical life areas;
  3. Develop techniques for creating a balanced life;
  4. Improve self-awareness and social consciousness;
  5. Communicate and demonstrate alternative / new behaviors.

    Participants will complete "growth and transformation" videos based on what they have learned from the curriculum content. Designed to fill the gap of programs not currently offered in the school curriculum, the LEAP program puts young women on a trqjectory for success.

    Curriculum Highlights:

    • Self Awareness / Personal Presentation
    • Defining Ideal Self and Branding Health
    • Financial Education
    • Cultural / Art Exposure
    • Life Skills
    Andrea Harrison, Leading Excellence Achieving Purpose (LEAP)

    Andrea Harrison, Leading Excellence Achieving Purpose (LEAP)