Cohort Experience: One of Baltimore Corps' primary values is a place-based model that puts the needs of Baltimore ahead of any single individual or organization. We believe the shared learning experience allows for the identification of unique collaborative opportunities and a more diverse and inclusive network. We seek to create a cohort of aspiring social entrepreneurs willing to share in this journey together. During the program year, awardees are required to gather as a cohort monthly.

Leadership Development and Coaching: We aim to surround our awardees with talented professionals from all walks of life who are able to help coach in a holistic manner. We aim to not just build social solutions, but tackle barriers that typically make it difficult for members of disinvested communities to be successful. Coaching to awardees is provided by a  dedicated Baltimore Corps programs manager, faculty, program partners, and others in the Baltimore Corps network.

Capacity Building and Technical Assistance: Along with our program partners, Baltimore Corps will provide training, development, capacity building, and technical assistance on topics necessary to build a successful social venture. These opportunities will be provided throughout the award period, as awardees work toward targeted milestones.

Idea Execution: A dedicated Baltimore Corps programs manager will work with awardees one-on-one as they build and implement their ideas. Resources will be deployed to awardees as necessary.

Reflection: We hope to maximize the award period to not only test out ideas, but also to reflect on the process along the way. To this end, awardees will have opportunities throughout the process for guided reflection that we hope will prepare awardees for the critical decisions as to appropriate next steps at the end of the award period.  

What success looks like: It is our belief that one should have an opportunity to test an innovative idea in a risk-controlled environment, while also providing individuals the opportunity to fully explore all possibilities during the award period. While we envision a City with highly effective and innovative social solutions derived in, of, and for the community, we do not necessarily believe that every idea will result in a newly established organization. For us, success at the end of the grant period looks like awardees understanding the appropriate next steps and how to take those, whether it’s launching the developed idea, identifying opportunities for merging the idea with another existing organization or collaborator, or realizing that the idea may have run its course and reflecting on lessons learned from the experience.