Dominiece Johnson, The Contemporary

Dominiece's Fellowship:

As a Baltimore Corps Fellow, Dominiece will be working with The Contemporary, a museum that aims to engage diverse audiences and advance contemporary art through projects and educational programming. As Advancement Manager, she will manage communications and development for the museum in order to commission site and situation-specific projects that engage, challenge and awe. Dominiece is most excited by the opportunity to build relationships with funders and Baltimoreans alike, as The Contemporary aims to expand its audience and break from perception that contemporary art is reserved for the elite.


Having grown up in a single parent home, at times it was easy for Dominiece to fall victim to self-pity and and ask, “why me?” However, as she grew older, Dominiece realized that our experiences shape who we are as human beings and make us unique. On a quest to discover her passion, Dominiece discovered a love for working with people and a great appreciation for diversity as it relates to all areas of life. Her immense desire is to help others appreciate their unique life experiences and use those experiences as a tool of empowerment instead of as a force of opposition.

Why do you choose to live and work in Baltimore?  

My family moved to Baltimore County when I was 11 years old. Being from Randallstown, I had very limited exposure to Baltimore growing up. Once I returned to Baltimore as an adult and begin to live and work in the city, the image of Baltimore as I previously knew it totally evolved. I realized that the city was deemed "Charm City" for a reason. Baltimoreans are full of diversity; from the neighborhoods they rep, to the sports teams they cheer on, the city is rich in pride. I have been drawn in by the native Baltimoreans as well as those who have adopted the city as their home, who are all committed to making Baltimore a better place. I choose to live and work in Baltimore because not only is this city full of people who share similar personal stories, but it is also full of like-minded individuals who have a deep desire to help Baltimore achieve its greatest potential. Despite the challenges the city offers, I am proud to be apart of such a dynamic city.

What's one surprising fact about yourself?  

I am extremely indecisive in regards to my personal life and generally can't make a decision on my own without consulting a slew of friends. However, when it comes to work, I have no problem making decisions for the organization or others.

Go-to snack?