Elevation Award Recipient, B-360

B-360 will create a dirt bike version of the X Games in West Baltimore that combines STEM fields with dirt bike culture. Teams will learn to build and repair bikes in order to compete for monetary gifts. Throughout the year, STEM leaders and dirt bike experts (professional and street) will mentor the teams. In order to compete in the Games, riders must be a part of a team and participate in community-based activities before dirt bike season to qualify. Teams will work with law enforcement to ensure the event's safety for the entire community. The activities will focus on learning the mechanics and electronics of bikes, 3-D models to test prototypes, learning stunts, creating business plans for sponsorship and fundraising. Teams will be exposed to the engineering design process in hopes of inspiring future engineers, entrepreneurs, and other career fields and opportunities. Overall, B-360 will use dirt bike culture as a platform to repair and build relationships in the community, expose residents to different career opportunities, give and enhance career skills, leverage the STEM gap and create an event that unities all of West Baltimore in a safe and fun way.