Billy Daly, Director of Data, Technology, and Evaluation


As Director of Data, Technology, and Evaluation, Billy pushes people to think differently about how a vision for social impact can be implemented with evidence-based and data-driven systems. He is on fire about data for good -- he believes that effective systems and data management can propel an organization’s mission forward with the stories, information and results they need to empower themselves and others.

He works behind the scenes to lay the groundwork for Baltimore Corps’ data infrastructure, ensuring that the systems in place today will continue to answer the questions of tomorrow. Billy believes that every piece of data tells a story, and his mission is to develop the tools and platforms that empower others to share it.


As an Economics and Environmental Studies double major from Goucher College, Billy has a passion for understanding human systems and their impact on the people who comprise them. As a result, analyzing and addressing the causes of structural inequality in Baltimore City has been both a central focus of his studies and one of the many reasons he’s chosen to stay and work in the area after graduation.