Mischa Toland, Baltimore Corps Faculty

Founder and CEO of Greatness Now®, Mischa Toland is best known as a high-spirited inspirer/teacher, prolific author, and visionary leader who turned the idea of inspiring individuals via two dollar bookmarks into a reputable six figure multi-dimensional human development company that has touched millions. Mischa is a 27 year veteran of the human service profession with a specific expertise in human behavior and the human spirit. Her most effective credential remains her own incredible life that has been transformed using the same valuable practices and tools she has shared with audiences from Princeton University to the White House Council on Women & Girls.

Mischa and her Greatness Now® team have worked with over 75 corporations, educational institutions, churches and community organizations nationwide.  She has written and published 20 of her own books, designed more than 400 hundred inspirational products, and has developed three subsidiary entities of Greatness Now®: Morals & Values Press®, a publishing company; Black Love Talk®, a national movement purposed to improve perception as well as the quality of relating among men and women of African Descent; and She Ain’t Angry for Nothin’®, an intervention and behavior modification program designed to identify, confront, and eradicate causal factors associated with anger and aggression in girls.

In 2014, the Mischa Toland Entrepreneurial Academy for Girls opened as a 28 week non-traditional learning experience designed to support the social and emotional intellectual development of the next generation of innovators, world changers and entrepreneurs, and serves as an incubator which nurtures the dreams, aspirations and gifts of girls of color. To create a sustainable infrastructure for the Academy’s valuable work, in 2015, Mischa founded GIRLS as CEOs Foundation; a charitable non-profit organization dedicated to addressing as well as eradicating inequity by elevating excellence for girls of color through education, mentoring and philanthropy.

Mischa attended Morgan State University where she majored in Social Work/Psychology. She is a licensed minister and has been the grateful recipient of many citations, certificates and awards. Of all Mischa’s accomplishments, her most valued is that of mother, mentor, and friend to her two grown sons, Kyle and James; and MaMa to her three grandchildren, Kyle Jr., Ari and Kylie.