Kaaryn Keller, Director of Communications

Kaaryn's role:

As the director of communication , Kaaryn works to formulate and implement strategies for Baltimore Corps’ internal and external communications activities, in alignment with the organization's overall mission and priorities. There are great stories all around Baltimore, and particularly in the work our Fellows, Elevation Awardees, Visionary Cause Leaders, and more are doing - it's Kaaryn's job to help get those stories out!


Kaaryn has more than 15 years experience utilizing strategic communications in furthering organizational mission and objectives. Her particular interest lies in helping nonprofits make their messaging more effective through various media and to diverse audiences to further social justice.

While most of her career was spent in DC working at the national level, she made the intentional choice a few years ago to bring that expertise to bear more directly, working within her community here in the Baltimore area.