Jenny Schulam, Director of Partnerships

Jenny's role:

Jenny leads the Partnerships team at Baltimore Corps, and is excited about transforming Baltimore together by harnessing the power of collaboration. The Partnerships team has the privilege of engaging with Baltimore’s community – its leaders, organizations, and agencies – to mobilize talent, opportunities, and connections in service of strengthening our city. In her role, she supports the Partnerships team to cultivate strategic partnerships with a focus on strengthening talent recruitment and Visionary Cause Leader partnerships.


Jenny is interested in systems-level interventions to foster equity for communities. After studying public policy at Princeton, she taught pre-K through Teach For America in Chicago and earned her Master’s in Early Childhood Education. Jenny enjoyed building deep relationships with her preschool students and their families, and saw firsthand what incredible strengths communities offer. Upon moving to Baltimore, Jenny joined TFA’s Strategic Initiatives and Partnerships team, serving in several roles including Director of TFA’s Early Childhood Education Initiative. Jenny is a proud Baltimore homeowner and you can find her trying out restaurants in her neighborhood with friends and family.