Jay Nwachu, Director of Development and Communications

Jay's role:

I serve as Director of both the Development and Communications departments at Baltimore Corps. After spending my last 9 years in non profit organizations, I recognize two key components to living out an organizational mission are the organization's ability to share its good works and find the resources necessary to allow the staff to be their best selves. My role at Baltimore Corps today allows me to play an integral role in ensuring that the citizens of Baltimore, a city which I adore, are given an opportunity to live their best lives in an equitable manner.


A few things best capture my background: I was born and raised in Nigeria and am still very much connected to home. However, Baltimore has become a second home between attending undergraduate and graduate schools here, and living here throughout my adult life. While I have enjoyed (and continue to) my work life thus far, I am happily enjoying family life as well. I spend my free time today spending time with or thinking about my family and friends.....and Baltimore Corps.