Fagan Harris, President and CEO

Fagan's role:

As the CEO of Baltimore Corps, Fagan is a passionate evangelist for Baltimore who is proud to work everyday strengthening America’s greatest city. Fagan sets the organization’s strategic direction, builds its partnerships and supports its outstanding community of staff, Fellows and volunteers.


A graduate of public school, Fagan believes deeply in every individual’s right to opportunity and is committed to realizing a more just and equitable society. Fagan loves his job at Baltimore Corps because it allows him to collaborate with incredible leaders, and extraordinary communities, who come together daily to make a transformative difference in the lives of Baltimore’s children, youth and families.

At home, Fagan loves to cook, read and listen to music. He enjoys exploring Baltimore and hanging out with–and learning from–its incredible change makers. Fagan is a graduate of Stanford University and the University of Oxford. 

    Fagan Harris, Founder and CEO of Baltimore Corps, was honored at CLIA's Inspiring Voices 2017 for his dedicated efforts to create positive change in Baltimore City. Fagan was interviewed by Sydney Hill, a student in CLIA's Law and Leadership Academy.