As we welcome our fourth cohort, the Baltimore Corps Fellowship seeks to build on the success of its alumni by establishing several new opportunities both for Fellows to support the Baltimore community, and for leaders within the Baltimore community to support Fellows.  One of the most important new elements of this growth is the formation of an extraordinary and diverse team of professionals that will offer perspective, skills, and inspiration to Fellows throughout the year: the Baltimore Corps Faculty.

The Baltimore Corps Faculty is a select group of leaders with a proven track record of passion, expertise, and impact in a diverse range of sectors and vocations related to the challenges facing Baltimore City and their potential solutions. Beginning January 2017, Faculty will begin supporting Fellows in a variety of ways, potentially to include: Facilitating workshops in areas of their passion and expertise, Holding individual and group “office hours” sessions, and interacting within the Baltimore Corps online community. 

Baltimore Corps Faculty are committed to the primary goals of Baltimore Corps and the Fellowship program; to develop and integrate into Baltimore City leaders who are passionate about impactful, positive change and strive toward equity.  As this is a new element of the program, the Baltimore Corps team looks forward to working with the third cohort of Fellows to determine how the Faculty can best support them during the Fellowship year. 

Baltimore Corps Faculty

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